Aug 23

I learned at our University Management Team meeting today from Dr. Crow that ASU currently has over 83,000 undergraduate and graduate students and online students enrolled today for the Fall 2014 term!  The breath, depth and scope of this institution is truly staggering.  I left the meeting even more passionate about the role Arizona State University plays in our community, state, country and world.  We are truly surrounded by cutting edge innovation.  I’m proud to recruit young men to this environment and believe we offer a unique education that prepares them for life after basketball.
With that said, our team began classes this week.  We are not able to work with the team on the court yet, but they remain active in the weight room and we will start skill work outs in the near future.  Similar to last week, it’s just great to have them all here on campus starting a new semester.  We really do have a wonderful group of young men that are eager to learn both in the classroom and on the court.  We look forward to starting the season.  The team had a chance to be part of the Freshmen Fall Welcome and Shaq fired up the group.  He’s a natural on the mic and a good reason for all 11,000 freshmen to fill WFA for every home game!

Our full schedule will be released in the next few weeks.  We are as eager as you are to know the days and times we play.  Stay tuned!
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