Jul 03

First, Congratulations Lionel Hollins!  Great to see a  Sun Devil Great named the new Head Coach for the Brooklyn Nets.  We honored Lionel’s jersey in WFA a few years ago.  Check out this vintage pic from twitter: 

I met with our entire team Wednesday for the first time this summer.   Jon was back from Denmark, Chance returned from home and we welcomed Gerry Blakes.  We have a wonderful collection of talented young men.  They are working hard in school, they are in the gym and they are serving our community.  And our challenge to them is to become a T-E-A-M.  Each and every day how are we becoming closer and interconnected.  I see great promise if each of us is willing to put in the work to know each other, support one another and battle together as a team.

Summer is a tremendous opportunity for our young men to continually give back to our community.  This week Kodi Justice, Roosevelt Scott, Savon Goodman, Willie Atwood and Chance Murray visited Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  As is always the case, they left with a humble appreciation for the battles those children fight every day and thankful for what we’ve each been given.

And to learn more about Junior Willie Atwood click here:   He’s a tremendous competitor you will enjoy watching in WFA!

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I hope you have a terrific Fourth of July.

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