Jun 27

Sun Devils Are Family

The common question I’ve heard this year is “what goes on all summer with basketball?”  The fact of the matter is our days are full right now!  We have the majority of our team on campus in summer school.  This coming week, everyone will be back on campus.  In addition to class and study table, we are allowed to have the team in the gym for two hours of skill instruction for eight weeks.  And with our newcomers, it’s a wonderful time to really get to know our young men.  I think it’s been one of the strongest changes in recent years to allow the coaching staff time each week with the team.  That relationship helps every part of a young man’s development:  we talk about academics, we develop their skill and we spend a lot of time talking about choices in life.  At the end of each skill, we pull the team together and the guys always end with FAMILY on three.  

Which brings me to the next great part of summer…open gym!  Our guys love being in the gym and one of the great parts of being in a destination spot like Phoenix, is the talent every day at open gym!  James spent the week here in Tempe along with former Devils Ty Abbott, Jerren Shipp and Serge Angounou and other NBA players.  Our gym is the place to be to get better this summer.  

And this week we had our Third Annual Dean’s Lunch to introduce our newest team members to the Deans and Vice Presidents at ASU.  I really enjoy the chance for our young men to introduce themselves and interact with the people that make ASU a New American University.

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