Jun 26

If you create a list, you can make it work in your favor no matter what.

Watch what we did here…

When the NCAA men’s basketball team was selected, 68 teams made the dance. One day later, 64 teams made the NCAA Women’s dance.

These 25 teams made both: UCONN, St. Joe’s, NC State, BYU, Nebraska, Gonzaga, Oklahoma, Duke, Michigan State, North Carolina, Dayton, Florida, Wichita State, Iowa State, Stanford, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Syracuse, Kentucky, Baylor, Tennessee, Texas, Iowa, Louisville and Albany.

Then the diamond sports started postseason play, and in May the NCAA Softball field was announced. Of the 25 teams who made the NCAA Tournaments in March Madness, 11 of those schools also took part in May Madness: NC State, BYU, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Florida, Arizona State, Kentucky, Baylor, Tennessee, Texas and Louisville.

One week later, the Road to Omaha was announced, and of those 11 teams remaining, six also made the NCAA Baseball Tournament. Nebraska, Florida, Arizona State, Kentucky, Texas and Lousville remain.

College football doesn’t have a postseason tournament..yet…so let’s go with bowl games as we go back to the fall to chop some others off the list.

Of those six, only Kentucky and Florida didn’t go to a bowl game.

So when it comes to the big five sports, Nebraska, Louisville, Arizona State and Texas were without equal in terms of success in reaching NCAA postseason this year in five big sports.

But why stop there? Let’s go to the football rankings since there is no NCAA Tournament in football. Texas and Nebraska didn’t crack the final top 25. Only Louisville (No. 15) and Arizona State (No. 21) did.

So there you have it, when it comes to making the NCAAs in men’s and women’s basketball, softball and baseball, and also finishing in the top 25 in football, only Louisville and Arizona State can make that claim.

If you have a way to knock Louisville out let us know. We hate sharing.

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