Jun 05

I had the honor to co-author a book on Gen Y with my good friend Buddy Hobart. We worked this past year on a new edition of the book which was just released.  Writing the book originally and the the latest edition gave me the opportunity to actively reflect on how I can continue to evolve as a head coach to better serve our team. Here is an excerpt from the newest edition of “Gen Y Now.”
“I think at early stages of my coaching career I would exhaustively pour through film. I would try to prepare for every possible contingency. Sometimes I would keep at it well beyond the point of diminishing returns. But there’s only so much time. What I found in later stages of my career was that it’s much more important to make sure that your own players are in the right place. We try to stay connected with our players, talk with them. Really address their needs as much as the technical aspects of the game plan. Both are important; you have to have both. Spending time with my players is as important, if not more important, than spending time on the X’s and O’s.”

I hope you are having a tremendous summer. We are more focused than ever on our team. Most of our roster is currently enrolled in summer school. You are going to fall in love with our new team members. We are out in the community and I look forward to you meeting our newest additions and seeing our returners. We will continue to introduce our team to you this summer and fall on thesundevils.com and through our various platforms highlighted below! 

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