Feb 12

All seven home weekend baseball series’ during the 2014 “Tip You Cap To Packard” season are dedicated to honoring a different decade or aspect of Packard Stadium and Sun Devil Baseball’s storied legacy.

As part of the season-long celebration, we are recognizing season-ticket holders whose support through the years has played an integral role in the long-standing success of the program. 

Congratulations to this weekend’s Sun Devil Baseball Legacy Supporters, Scott and Helen Spencer and Jeff Novick.

As part of our appreciation, Scott, Helen and Jeff will be recognized during Sunday’s game against Baylor, and will each receive commemorative “Tip Your Cap To Packard” official merchandise.  

Q&A with Scott and Helen, who live in Chandler, are Sun Devil Club members and have been season ticket holders since 2006:

What is your best Sun Devil Baseball memory? 

My grandparents had a house at Hardy & University, and my brother and I would hike over to ASU on a weekend and cruise around – we have been all over the athletic facilities, the Activity Center, Sun Devil Stadium, etc. We snuck into Packard and got into the locker room, grabbed a bat and a ball, and went onto the field to shag balls. It was all good until some guy barked at us (I believe it was Jim Brock), and we scattered like feral cats. I was 12, and to this day that is the closest I ever came to playing at Packard.

Favorite Sun Devil Baseball player?

1. Bob Horner - I grew up a West side guy, he played at Apollo and was legendary even in high school 

2. Brett Wallace - That guy could rake

3. Paul LoDuca - You knew he was a pro, one of the best catchers we ever had

What will you remember most about Packard Stadium? 

When I was still in college, taking an afternoon break from homework and slipping into Packard to catch a game. Paul LoDuca was on the team and I had seen him at Glendale Community College. Warm sun, good ball teams, good time in life.

Have you ever been to Omaha for the College World Series?

Twice. First in 2009 when the Devils had Mike Leake and Josh Spence, and again in 2010 when we went in #1 overall and went 2 and Q. Hopefully it plays out and we will be going back this year. We always leave a hole in June travel for a potential trip to Omaha.”

In your opinion, what was the best game played at Packard Stadium?

The NCAA Super Regional series with Arkansas in 2010. Pick one - both games were thrilling and the best games played in recent memory.


Scott, Helen, and the Haegele’s during their trip to Omaha for the 2009 CWS. 


The Haegele’s sit next to Scott and Helen in row A.


Q&A with Jeff, who lives in Scottsdale, is a Sun Devil Club member and has been a season ticket holder since 2006

What is your Sun Devil Baseball best memory?   

Watching my nephew, Sam Klein, throw out the first pitch in the last game of the year against UCLA (It was a strike). He is the typical 12-year-old boy who loves baseball and how he was in awe meeting all the ASU players. 

Favorite Sun Devil Player?

Mike Leake, Ike Davis and Josh Spence

What will you remember most about Packard Stadium?

How nice it was having an on-campus baseball facility within a sand wedge of SDA and Wells Fargo Arena 

In your opinion, what was the best game played at Packard Stadium?

Arkansas Super Regional in 2010 where both games were won in extra innings. Game 1 with a walk-off Deven Marrero single in the 12th.The second game was won with a Drew Maggi home run in the12th inning.


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