Jan 31

So as of Friday morning guess which team in America has the toughest remaining regular season schedule when it comes to opponents records?

Dudes with the Fork.

Arizona State’s remaining opponents have a combined record of 100-37 (.730) according to the official NCAA website. It takes into account all D-I tilts. It also takes out games against the team itself (so ASU’s past games against Cal, Colorado, Utah and Arizona not included).

Why is that?

Well, Arizona’s 21-0 record and No. 2 RPI sure doesn’t hurt. ASU also doesn’t play the teams at the bottom of the Pac-12 standings again (USC and Washington State).

Then you toss in Colorado (15-5/RPI 24), Oregon (14-6/RPI 44), Stanford (13-7/RPI 49), California (14-7/RPI 51), Utah (12-6/RPI 104) and Oregon State (12-6/RPI 104) and you have yourself a helluva final 10 games.

Michigan opponents are 132-49 (.729) and Texas Tech’s are 110-41 (.728). Those are the next two behind ASU.

To show you how tough ASU’s schedule is, Arizona’s remaining schedule, which subs in ASU for UA’s 21, has opponents at 96-41 (.701) and that is eighth in the nation. Unless you live in a cave you already know ASU and UA will play the same schedule the rest of the way.

Oregon State’s opponents are 96-43 (.691) which is 17th in the nation. It is not a picnic for the rest of the league either, as Stanford (24), California (28), Utah (32), Colorado (36), Oregon (45), Washington State (61), USC (68), Washington (71) and UCLA (82) all have top 85 schedules as of birds chirping on Friday morning.

Don’t believe us? Here is how you can get all this information on your own…


2) Click on MISC REPORTS on the far right

3 ) Click on “toughest schedules” which is the fifth-option down

4) Click on the “Future Opposition” column and then flip the .PCT column to arrow pointing down.

Game time tomorrow is 1 p.m. PT on the Pac-12 Network and on the radio at 620 AM/98.7 FM.

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