Aug 14

Even folks in China were ready to see Jahii play as you can read right here.

But why does it say “Guxi” instead of Jahii in the article?

We went right to our source who is on the trip. Meet Mr. Baofeng Dong, who is the Program Liaison for Greater China at ASU and a member of the International Strategic InitiativesTeam.

"The English language article is a direct translation from Chinese by Google Translator (it made some translation mistake). Jahii is first name has been translated to Chinese based on sound, so it reads 贾希(Jiaxi), but the character 贾 has two different pronunication based on different context. In this article, the Google translator assume 贾 prounce as Gu, so it translates to Guxi. The correct translation of his name in Chinese should be Jiaxi."

Here is a photo of Baofeng with Taylor Lien from the Pac-12, who is on the trip this week not only helping ASU but also planning for future events in China.

Now will the nickname stick?

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