Aug 13

Reminder you can see photos from the trip here … we update it daily when we are not on a bus. Lots of bus time on this trip.

Today (our Tuesday) was a travel day…to say the least. But many things are happening as we continue to learn about China…

—For Sai Tummala, work had to be done late last night after the game. Summer school is almost over, yet Sai had a biology test to complete that had to be scanned and sent back.

Assistant AD Patrice Feulner had to get in the business center late, which required getting an interpreter. It all worked out for the pre-med major (have we told you his parents are both doctors and his sister plays hoops at Harvard?).  He got it done, and we made him show it off at the airport today.


—After the win last night, the team got back to the hotel around 11 p.m. The bus rolled at 8:15 to the airport for the 11 a.m. two-hour flight to Shanghai. The plane landed at 1, by the time all the luggage came out and bus was loaded it was 2. On the bus, for what was a 75-minute ride but was not that far. We are talking traffic, man. Traffic. Not a game. Traffic. And it is really bad in Beijing and was worse in Shanghai this afternoon. Anyways, we got to our hotel at 3:15. A great meal at Stubb’s BBQ and then an incredible Huangpu River Cruise followed. What views of the city. Unreal.

—On the flight to Shanghai, the airline served a full meal on a flight that was just under two hours. That was different.

—Funny note to all is that for one event a sign needed to be posted by the hotel staff, and when they asked their ASU contact what should be on the sign, it is obvious he/she replied that “Arizona State should suffice.” Well, they just did what they were told…see the sign below.


—Just found out today that Chance Murray could possibly be the youngest player in the league this year. Chance doesn’t turn 18 until November. He should still be a senior in high school.

—Want some behind scenes notes from the first game? We stole some notes from the assistant coaches and came up with this from a bunch of scribble…horrific on ball screens (except Calaen)…Chance was very aggressive attacking the glass…too many turnovers by the point guards…Calaen probably had closer to 10 assists than the six he was credited for…Calaen was excellent in talking on the floor and great in taking control of the huddle…Calaen Robinson had eight deflections, which led the team.

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