Jul 17

No big secret that Doug McDermott and Jahii Carson can score. They combined for 59 of the 160 points in Creighton’s win over ASU last year in Las Vegas.

Below is a list of the top returning scorers in the nation this year (and in parentheses is where they ranked last year).

Of note is that McDermott (Big East), Marshall Henderson (Ole Miss), Bryce Cotton (Providence), Russ Smith (Louisville) and Carson are those that are playing in a major conference this year (yes, we know that keeping track of conferences is tough).


  1. Doug McDermott, Creighton, 23.2 (2nd)
  2. Travis Bader, Oakland, 22.1 (5th) 
  3. Tyler Haws, Brigham Young, 21.7 (7th)
  4. Kyle Vinales, Central Connecticut State, 21.6 (8th)
  5. Corey Hawkins, UC Davis, 20.3 (13th)
  6. Anthony Ireland, Loyola Marymount, 20.2 (14th)
  7. Marshall Henderson, Ole Miss, 20.1 (16th)
  8. Devon Saddler, Delaware, 19.9 (18th)
  9. Bryce Cotton, Providence, 19.7 (22th)
  10. Augustine Rubit, South Alabama, 19.4 (23th)
  11. Troy Huff, North Dakota, 19.2 (26th)
  12. Marcus Thornton, William & Mary, 18.8 (31st)
  13. Davon Usher, Mississippi Valley State, 18.8 (32nd)
  14. Russ Smith, Louisville, 18.7 (35th)
  15. Trevis Simpson, North Carolina-Greensboro, 18.7 (38th)
  16. Antoine Mason, Niagara, 18.7 (38th)
  17. Jahii Carson, Arizona State, 18.5 (41st)

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