Jan 07

Jordan Bachynski (.656) leads the Pac-12 and Carrick Felix (.553) ranks eighth in field goal percentage. It makes for a nice note as it stands, but then digest these next two nuggets from the big and small department.

In the case of Jordan, a big man being efficient in the post is not man-bites-dog stuff for a Coach Sendek Sun Devil squad. In 2008-09, Jeff Pendergraph led the nation in field goal percentage making .660 of his shots (198-of-300). One year later, Eric Boateng led the Pac-12 at .665 (117-of-176) despite playing 8.2 minutes per game the year prior.

In the case of Carrick, a peek at the top-10 shows a lot of big men making layups in small, but efficient doses (nothing against you Jordan). Then there is Carrick, who has taken 34 more shots than anyone else in the top-10, and has taken 51 three-pointers. The seven players ahead of him have taken a total of 10 three-pointers.

Yes, Carrick is not only making shots, he is making some tough ones.

1. Jordan Bachynski (ASU) 61-93 (.656)/0-0
2. Omar Oraby (USC) 45-71 (.634)/0-0
3. Aziz N’Diaye (WASH) 62-99 (.626)/0-0
4. Eric Moreland (OSU) 59-95 (.621)/3-9
5. Jason Washburn (UTAH) 63-102 (.618)/1-1
6. Tony Woods (ORE) 60-105 (.571)/0-0
7. Devon Collier (OSU) 72-127 (.567)/0-0
8. Carrick Felix (ASU) 89-161 (.553)/20-51
9. Kevin Parrom (ARIZ) 47-86 (.547)/18-41
10. Joe Burton (OSU) 66-123 (.537)/0-0

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