Oct 11

The Sun Devil coaching staff defines an explosive play as a 12-yard (or more) run or a 16-yard (or more) pass reception.

The Sun Devils had four explosive plays in the first quarter against Colorado.

Taylor Kelly had a 23-yard run, Marion Grice had a 37-yard touchdown reception, DJ Foster had a 23-yard carry and Cameron Marshall had a 19-yard run

In fact, Foster has six runs of 12 yards or more and eight receptions of 16 yards or more this season. All but one of the 14 explosive plays have gone for first downs. 

Here is the complete list of DJ’s high-octane exploits:

12-yard runs or more

16 (1st down)

24 (1st down)

16 (1st down)

23 (1st down)


23 (1st down)

16-yard receptions or more

16 (1st down)

23 (1st down)

37 (1st down)

33 (1st down)

26 (1st down)

27 (1st down)

18 (1st down)

17 (1st down)


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